The Meyer Multisteamer


How it all began

We created the Meyer Multisteamer by studying how real families in Hong Kong and China cook steamed food, and solving the problems that we discovered in their homes.


Armed with our research insights, we wanted to create a product that could:

  • Steam plenty of food, but be easy to store and work with in small kitchens.
  • Be versatile enough to cook the many different kinds and sizes of dishes that people steam.
  • Prevent burns when the user removes their food.
  • Circulate  and contain steam in the pot very efficiently.

As a result, we created a smart nesting design, making the steamer extremely compact in storage - less than 50% of its original height. Its standing lid design with condensation-guard helps your kitchen counter remain tidy and dry. The unique rack lifting feature helps you remove hot items from the steaming tray without burning yourself. Finally, the tall lid and removable rack system allows you to steam large and small items interchangeably.


We hope that we've improved our customers' steaming experience!