Kaew in HK'16 ^^

Welcome Kaew to Hong Kong as a second participant from MEX program! (She will take over some blog post now :)

What I supposed to write in here … Ummmm … Errrrr … Herrr so hard. =..=“
Should I give up on it?!?!? Not born to be but will try to be blogger lol  

I will start with my little tricks to pass the immigration so they easily let you in and you don’t have to say any words!

- Prepare and wrote down all information correctly. Just give what they want and they will give what you want.

- Go to immigration with smiling face like this ===> ^_____^ Plus express your confidence that you will pass through this checkpoint. (I’m sure that they will let me in because I have the company guarantee letter haha). However, thank you, MJ and Joyce for created the letter for me :) I am appreciated.

- Have some evidence better than nothing!! Must more confident when you realized that you have some proof to show or someone that you can contact when the problem happens.

Well, that’s should be enough for my 1st blog and little tricks that might not help you guys that much but yeah …. GOOD LUCK!!!