Exploring Sheung Wan - Earn in HK March 2016


Explore HK as suggested starting off by took MTR from ‘Tseung Kwn O’ to ‘Shueng Wan’ station! After a long walk, I can see how this use to be British colony because of most of the (design-ish and most of them) shop decorations. I got around with help from 'google map’ but still hard to get to my destination(or it just me hehe google is good), in the end I just let my feet took me places. Found so many interesting coffee shop(got myself a cup of iced latte), local designer store, a place that you can enjoy craft beer(many of them to choose from) with friends or just yourself, but today i was going to just passed ;). The moment of truth happen when I was trying on some clothes and got to use restroom is truly horrible! Ask many store but they all said no(even i’m the customer! Or maybe they just don’t have the policy to let us use, they should though) BUT! i found the way just in time 🙏🏼 totally grateful for another woman wait in line next to me to pay when i ask for toilet hehe.