Flying to HK! - Earn in HK March 2016

Earn, - Flying to HK!

The morning was lovely, I got to woke up and meet my family, had lunch before they've gone to the Airport to send me off.

Get Stopped by immigration at Hong Kong Airport! 

As i has gone through a two-hours flight, when passing through the immigration gave me quite struggle of why i need to stay for a month, i don’t actually have a confident answer set out other than ‘to visit’ and after that i tell them that i’m in traning* so they sent me aside and ask to see details like who would i stayed or contact with, whos she?(and you definitely need his/her full contact info like numbers and address prepared.) so they can contact to confirm, They ask me to present some evidence on the job i’m in training with (so lucky that i brought my employee card with me, can be others things like business card as well) so they took that and the address, they went back to talk a little bit then they let me passed! (With permitted until 1st of April)