China (Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen) Trip

 Seal Parn Jane and Earn flew to China to sightsee an amazing city, full of lights. Beautiful but crowded old neighborhood and yummy street food all around. 

The main purpose that we were there because we were eager to know how's the Chinese cooking, cultures, markets, and habits of people are like. We spend days and days with a handful of home visits to go to. Which was a very nice experience, and some have a very interesting and unique insights as well. Since have a lot of homevisits to covered in different locations, we split our team in to 2 groups; Group 1 of Earn and Jane will stayed in Shanghai for the whole trip, Then Group2 Seal and Parn visit all 3 city.

We got to attended our product launch hosted by our Meyer China at Plaza 66. There were some celebrity chef and bloggers to lived that moment.

We have visited many family to watch them cooked or baked. Sometimes they also invited us to try too. 

When you have plan to go to a home visit like this, we usually prep stuffs before hands. The first thing we always plan ahead was a questions to ask, we always discussed those questions with the team before we make it final that it can be used and good enough so the answer of those questions will gave us insights. Other things we bring with us were of course, a camera with memory cards that can take videos and photo, pen and paper, voice recorder, and a measuring tape. We divide the responsibility of each person, one will do the talking-asking the questions-and write down notes, and the other will be a camera man to record video and took pictures or the measurement and the environment. The more hand the better, but you definitely should have 2 people or more or it will took very long. Some of us have done it before ;)

And once we finished any home visits, we usually sat down by the nearest cafe and recap what we just saw, brain storm ideas and that the ideas still fresh because once we let the time passed without recap, the 'thing' will be forgotten, for real.

While we were there, we also met our Meyer China coworkers that again, only know them via text ;) We enjoyed delicious meals with them especially hotpot!

The City with a slogan of "Pearls of The East" Shanghai, China 2017

The City with a slogan of "Pearls of The East" Shanghai, China 2017

Thanks for being here people! We hope you enjoy this journey of ours!

Written by Paradee M.