Chiang Mai Design Week 2016, Thailand

Finally it's time for "Chiang Mai Design Week 2016". We gathered the team up and get ready to be inspired!

There are showcases, installations, workshops, talks, pop-up shops around the city we could visit and participate. The installations go from local know-how technique like weaving bamboo strips to modern materials like glass installation. 

We spotted a lot of food-related showcases like the utensils for eating sticky rice so you won't get messy hands, paste making set which included mini-grill(use coal), mortar & pestles, mix your own herbs booth, and the dinnerware.

A super fun creative workshop from WE factory under the topic of Design and Living: “How design can improve an individual's lifestyle and perspective?”.

Anne, Jenny, Earn, and Parn took a Thai cooking class today. We took a short walk to explore the local wet market which is full of ingredients for us to brought back to fix Thai dishes for lunch! 

Our first time making curry paste from scratch was awesome! Here is red curry paste, green curry paste, Massaman paste, and Panang paste.

Catarina, Earn, and Parn took a local red cap out of town a little bit and found this cute little bakery shop 'Forest Bake'. We had a calligraphy workshop and food styling workshop there.

We also explored some space designs from old village with a big free space in the middle surrounded by old houses. They renovated the place into a small community which called "Baan Kang Wat" means the house next to the temple. There are a lot of cute shops, library, ceramic workshop area and cafe opened up here.

Not far from "Baan Kang Wat" there is this cafe which has really beautiful space. The middle is a pond and around it there are several spots you can sit which various from traditional Thai style sitting area which has triangle cushion you can sit on with the small table(Khan Tok), old house where there is a slider you can go on, and outdoor seating area.

A talk session from Thomas Widdershoven(Thonik) about 'Sense Nonsense' which argues that there is no rational path to innovation.

Here is the MUST visit - TCDC Chiang Mai, the coolest design library in Chiang Mai. There are open for visitors to visit for free during the design week.

As we mentioned that we are food-loving creatives, everywhere we go we gotta try new FOODS! This trip we had ice shave dessert with red syrup and condensed milk(this is one of Thai childhood desserts), Mexican-Thai taco - taco soft shells are made from purple yam and pork with LARB seasonal(LARB is from North-Eastern Thailand), traditional Thai dessert sticky rice with custard(traditional packaging made from banana leaf and the modern one is plastic).

Written by Warathaya C.