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What is the

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Who We Are

We are a small group of food-loving creatives whose mission is to promote design thinking at Meyer, a leading global cookware manufacturer.

We have backgrounds in industrial design, brand strategy, experience design, app design, and beyond.

You will find us scattered around the globe, with the team working across time and space from Hong Kong, Thailand, and the UK (when we're not visiting home kitchens in other countries).

We work on three
kinds of projects:

1.  Consumer Research-Driven Cooking Innovations

2. Culture, Connection, and Community

3. Design for the Future: Strategic Initiatives


1. Consumer Research-Driven Cooking Innovations

With user research around the globe and empathy as cornerstones in our process, we strive to develop design innovations for cookware and kitchenware that understand local needs (habits, recipes, environments) while maximizing global potential.


2. Culture, Connection, and Community

We strive to foster a more interconnected company culture by creating new physical spaces, digital tools, and company programs that take into account the needs and circumstances of Meyer employees around the world.


3. Design for the Future: Strategic Initiatives

We invest in the future of Meyer by taking on future-focused projects requiring a wide range of design disciplines, including branding, retail experience design, packaging design, service design, interaction design, and other strategic areas.

Meet the IF Team


For us, UX (“User Experience”) doesn’t just refer to mobile app design. The Innovation Factory Team is focused on all aspects of the User Experience - from the work experiences of our own staff, to the cooking experiences of our end customers, to how those consumers experience our brand, and beyond. That being said, we all have different backgrounds and areas of focus. Meet the Innovation Factory team.